The VET SQUARED (VET^2) project focuses on the initial and continuous professional development of VET teachers, with a specific focus on an area of VET which is overlooked as a topic relating to organisational policy and management, and integrated as a small part of operational policy and compliance measures.

The project upskills and provides continuous professional development opportunities in the field of VET mobility, by providing a bespoke safeguarding quality charter for application during VET mobility activities.

On our project, we are developing an interactive benchmarking tool for use by VET professionals seeking to understand to what extent their organisation is achieving safeguarding standards. Which you will have the opportunity to use below and test your organisation safeguarding ability on participating in mobilities.

Enjoy and we look forward for your feedback!

VET^2 project team!

Course for Students

Safeguarding in European VET Mobility

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Course for Teachers

VET Mobility Safeguarding Benchmarking Tool

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